About Just Jayne Cleaning

A sparkling clean home is something we would all love to come home to but unfortunately so many of us are unable to find the time to maintain our homes exactly how we would like to;

This is where “Just Jayne” can come to your rescue…

Just Jayne provides a cleaning solution tailored to meet the needs of your lifestyle. From simple tasks like shopping to giving your home a thorough clean. You may find vacuuming or changing the beds a struggle, or lead a busy and hectic lifestyle and would like help in maintaining your home on a regular basis! You may just want to come home from work and find your ironing done. Whatever you’d like help with, Just Jayne has a solution.

Having had a career spanning 30+ years in Recruitment with the last 15 running my own business, people and quality is at the very heart of what I stand for! However when I turned 50 it was time to review my “work life balance” and moved to New Milton for a change in lifestyle and to be nearer to my family.

I took a career break, moved house and settled into the Hampshire way of life very quickly, but knowing my break was coming to an end, the thought of returning to the stress and pressures of the corporate world were no longer for me.

So what next?

It had always been in the back of my mind to do something completely different but I just wasn’t sure what! I felt that my relationship skills and strong ethic for hard work could be put to far better use in providing an everyday local and ‘essential’ service to local people.

I strongly believe that having a successful business today is about having self belief and gaining trust by being open and honest with people about what exactly is and isn’t achievable - and doing exactly what you say you are going to do.

In my honest opinion it is a platform for building solid relationships and lasting success. My approach to everything I do has always been simple and uncomplicated so this is the perfect solution…

Just Jayne… domestic cleaning solutions was created.

So, if you would like help with any of your household chores please call for an informal chat to discuss your requirements or email me at

Just Jayne has full public liability insurance and an enhanced (CRB) criminal records check. (CRB)

Call us on 01425 626425

Mobile 07926 026785

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